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What is Counterflows?

Counterflows is a curated newsletter about remote work, digital nomads and borderless living made by me, Lauren Razavi—a nomadic writer.

I send a weekly email with my six best links (longform, podcasts, software, books, documentaries) and an update on my writing, speaking, and policy work, which aims to enhance people’s understanding of digital nomads.

What isn’t Counterflows?

Counterflows isn’t a newsletter about lifestyle advice or self-improvement. I don’t have a course to sell you and I don’t care if you become a nomad or not. 

This newsletter exists to make you think about who you are, where you come from, how the world works, and what it means to belong. 

If that’s not your thing, you do you. No hard feelings.

Who am I?

I’m Lauren Razavi—an award-winning writer, speaker, and policy advisor.

I was an early adopter of remote work and have lived as a digital nomad since 2013. My debut book, Global Natives: The New Frontiers of Work, Travel, and Innovation, documents my insights from living and working across 40+ countries.

I started out as a foreign reporter, publishing 250+ stories with Wired, The Atlantic, VICE, The Guardian, and BBC News. Then, I became Google’s managing editor for the future of work, ghostwriting for execs and leading distributed teams.

Now, I’m a tech policy fellow at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, where I’m working on a policy paper titled The Great Migration: Remote Work, Digital Nomads, and the Future of Citizenship. I’m also a founding board member at Plumia, a project that aims to build a country on the internet.

Here are links to some of my essays and tweet storms:

I’m fascinated by how the internet is changing our relationship with place, and I’m on a mission to enshrine global mobility as a human right.

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