Counterflows #56: Beyond Work From Home, Mass Internet Collaboration, Live Anywhere with Airbnb

A nomadic writer's guide to borderless living.

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PS: The next event in the Plumia Speaker Series is happening later today: I’ll speak with author Jon Barnes about self-governing organizations.

Can’t make this one or reading about it too late? Join me next week for a session with Brett Hennig on citizen assemblies instead.

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💻☕ What if Remote Work Didn’t Mean Working From Home? (New Yorker): Cal Newport argues we should ditch working from home and start working from near home instead. And, as it turns out, we can learn a lot from writers’ strange workspace choices.

🏝️📶 Apply to Live Anywhere For a Year (Airbnb): Fancy travelling the world like a local—and on somebody else’s dime? Airbnb just launched a beta program called Live Anywhere, offering 12 months of free stays to a selection of seasoned and new nomads.

🇱🇹🤖 Sci-Fi ‘Portals’ on the Streets of Vilnius and Lublin Connect Passersby in Real-Time (Colossal): Yep, you read that right. The Lithuanian capital of Vilnius has built a real-time portal to another city: Lublin, Poland. My question: Do we really need more screen time after this past year?

🎧🌐 Pia Mancini on Mass Internet Collaboration (Building Remotely): One of the world’s leading thinkers and activists on democracy talks about the future of institutions, organisations, and work in the internet age. Need a TL;DR? See my recent tweet about Pia’s ideas.

🧳🏠 The Erosion of Personal Ownership (Vox): Dan Greene delves into our complicated relationship with digital possessions, and how it’s evolving. Thanks to big tech, the laws governing software are spilling over into the offline world. Does that mean we’re doomed?

🎬🎨 Ali Abdaal on Identity, Prestige, Creativity, and Meaning (Reimagine Work): Future of work writer Paul Millerd quizzes leading YouTuber and medical doctor Ali Abdaal about the metrics of career success, his struggles with identity, and his definition of work that matters.

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