Counterflows: Issue #41

Your offbeat guide to the future of work and global living.

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The lovely folks at Remote named me as one of their top 75 remote work influencers this week. It’s a total privilege to appear alongside so many fine people making waves and building our remote future.

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🏙️🏝️ What Happens When a City’s Largest Employer Goes Work From Anywhere (Bloomberg)

2021: the year the office is deemphasised. Salesforce is the latest tech firm to announce its remote-first future. This story dives into the role that Salesforce Tower has played on the San Francisco skyline, and looks at the impact of the company’s imminent departure from Silicon Valley.

🏨 💻 Could Hotel, Home and Office Soon Be One Space? (FRAME)

I’ve been saying it for more than a year now: business travel will never be the same after Covid. This story looks at the convergence of hotels, homes, and offices, painting a fascinating picture of a future where remote workers hop from location to location might look like.

🗺️💰 Get Paid to Do What You Love, in a Place You Love (MakeMyMove)

This handy website lists the growing number of communities across the US that will pay remote workers to relocate. This trend is a strong signal towards a future where it’s normal for cash rewards to incentivise people to move, create opportunities, and build new knowledge destinations.

🎬📖 I Wasted 6 Months of My Life on a Book Proposal (Ali Abdaal)

Most people don’t understand the amount of work involved with coming up with a book idea and crafting the perfect proposal to create a lengthy manuscript. In this video, YouTuber Ali Abdaal describes his six-month journey of developing a book idea, then scrapping it to start again.

🍊⚡ How Seville Is Turning Leftover Oranges Into Electricity (Guardian)

48,000 orange trees line the streets in the Spanish city of Seville. In winter, the fruits are a tripping hazard for residents and a headache for the local authorities. Now, it’s turning this overabundance of fruit into a fermentation process that produces methane and, from there, clean energy.

💡🦄 Y Combinator: Applications Close March 19th

There are three weeks left to apply for the latest round of Y Combinator, the legendary accelerator programme that helped Airbnb, Stripe, GitLab and Coinbase get started. If you have a scalable business idea involving tech, get dreaming, drafting and submitting. Note that this round is all-remote.

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