Counterflows: Issue #36

Your offbeat guide to the future of work and global living.

Hello 👋

Next Thursday, I’m hosting a conversation about digital nomads and work from anywhere with some pals on Clubhouse.

I’ll be joined by future of work badass Sharon O’Dea, maverick hotelier Hans Meyer, globe-trotting entrepreneur Matthew Mottola, defiant global citizen Isabelle Roughol—and maybe you, too?

Hit me up if you need an app invite. Note, though, that Clubhouse is only available on iPhone and iPad right now.


🧳🇲🇺 Covid-Free Island Offers 12-Month Nomad Visas (Government of Mauritius)

Wouldn’t it be nice to hit the beach, soak up the sun, and ignore the pandemic for a bit? Mauritius is currently Covid-free and its “premium visa” enables remote workers and digital nomads to base on the island for up to 12 months. If you want to stay after that, I’ve heard it’s easy enough to extend too.

🏢📡 Will Companies Make Remote Work Permanent? (Venture Beat)

This longform feature (~13 mins) does a fantastic job of unpacking the nuances involved with crafting company policy around remote work and the future of the office. Essentially, tomorrow's landscape is likely to be all about hybrid working—but, really, the benefits of distributed are too good to ignore for long.

🎓🎧 Lambda School: The Future of Remote Talent (Building Remotely)

Austen Allred is co-founder of Lambda School—an online school that trains people in fields like software engineering and data science, with no upfront tuition fees. Instead, they match students with well-paid jobs and then take a share of their salary. In this interview, Allred talks about remote’s disruptive impact on the talent landscape.

🤑💻 How Much I Earned on YouTube Last Year (Ali Abdaal)

Stop the presses—we’ve all been in the wrong business this whole time. In this video, productivity guru Ali Abdaal breaks down how he earned £1 million+ from YouTube in 2020. Like most businesses, it’s not rocket science: produce useful content, publish twice a week for two years, and see where you end up.

🔮🎹 Dostoyevsky’s Menagerie (Spotify Playlist by DJ_Beardsquirt)

A collection of songs filled with sick beats and strange noises, carefully curated by Jesse Onslow. This playlist isn't one to listen to through your headphones while you work. Dance around the kitchen to it while you're making dinner instead. (It's the first time I've featured a playlist in the newsletter, so let me know if you enjoy it.)

🎙️💡 TED Global Idea Search: Submit Your Idea for a TED Talk

It’s time to dust off your best big idea and turn it into a bold story that will inform and inspire others. TED is seeking speaker applications in the first of two “global idea searches” it’s doing this year. You need to fill in a short application form and record a two-minute sample video. Go on, you never know.

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