Counterflows: Issue #42

Your offbeat guide to the future of work and global living.

Hello 👋

The first of my stories for a new Digiday future of work series was published earlier this week. It covers:

  • 🏨 The hotel brands pivoting to subscription living

  • 💻 What remote workers want from the future of travel

  • 🎨 How in-person collaboration is vital for creatives

It also features insights from three wonderful Counterflows readers who you may enjoy stalking on LinkedIn: Jess Shanahan, Konstantinos Ntoukakis, and Veerle Donders.

Read the story here and give it some Twitter love here.


🏝️📑 Digital Nomad Visas May End Up Being a Bureaucratic Hell for Big Companies (Skift)

As more companies announce remote-first futures, their employees’ desire to work from anywhere may be scuppered by tax and residency rules — at least according to this story. It’s a decent overview of the issues ahead, but fails to note the new breed of compliance startups emerging to tackle them.

💻🧐 A Comprehensive Guide to the “Head of Remote” Job Title by the Company That Pioneered It (GitLab)

Last summer, a slew of global tech brands, including Facebook and Quora, began recruiting leaders to run their newly-established remote work departments. This in-depth post from GitLab—the first distributed company in the world to employ a “Head of Remote” back in 2019—contains guidance, insights, and resources.

📝💡 How to Change Your Writing Specialism (LANCE)

Freelancing guru Anna Codrea-Rado tells the story of her move from music journalism to writing about work and offers advice on what the rest of us can learn from her experience. The three tips in this post are an excellent starting point if you're considering a change in direction.

🎓📚 The Ultimate Guide to Summarising Books: How to Distill Ideas to Accelerate Your Learning (Forte Labs)

Ever finish a book and realise you can’t recall a damn thing? Productivity expert Tiago Forte outlines his process for reading fewer titles each year but gaining more from them. The post links to plenty of public examples so you can see what his resulting book summaries look like too.

🤖💼 The Rise of Robots Should Make Us Question Why We Need Jobs at All (Douglas Rushkoff)

In this excerpt from his book Team Human, media theorist Douglas Rushkoff questions our modern attitudes towards work, wages, and welfare. His sharp analysis includes a look at the history of employment since the Middle Ages, and the robots and algorithms coming to steal our jobs in the 21st century.

🕯️😵 How the New Age Movement Got Taken Over by the Far-Right (Jules Evans)

This deep-dive from gonzo philosopher Jules Evans focuses on the New Age social media influencer Sacha Stone—and, like all good longform, it’s full of juicy twists and turns. My key takeaway? The lines between hippie culture and conspiracy theories are much more blurred than I thought.

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