Counterflows: Issue #27

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"Knowledge used to be power. Now, knowledge-sharing is power."

These are the words of Lucian Tarnowski, founder of Civana House in San Francisco. His hip venue is part private members' club, part minimalist co-living space, and part experimental commune in the great Californian tradition.

If that sounds intriguing, read my interview with Lucian on the Emerge website.


🖥️ ‘Zoom Towns’ Are Exploding in the US (Fast Company)

With their careers no longer tied to an office, remote workers in the US are moving from major cities to small towns in search of affordability, better housing and access to nature. It’s the same criteria that draws digital nomads to destinations around the world, suggesting American policymakers could learn a lot from international nomad hubs.

📝 How to Pitch Us an Opinion Piece (Sifted)

Sifted is a younger, trendier Financial Times spin-off site, launched in 2019 with the ambition of becoming Europe’s answer to TechCrunch. This pithy pitching guide demystifies how to submit your ideas for opinion pieces, and offers up plenty of digestible, insightful and actionable advice on what the team is looking for.

🇹🇭 Thailand Welcomes Travellers Under New Long-Stay Visa (TTA)

A digital nomad hotspot in the beforetimes, Thailand was remarkably slow to launch new remote work visas in response to the pandemic. Now, though, they're catching up with an offer for long-stay visitors seeking to relocate this winter. Note the scheme is designed to attract visitors from all corners of the globe, not just Western nations.

🗣️ With Meetings Still on Hold, Recruiters Hunt for Ad Talent on Twitter (DigiDay)

As remote work rises, so does remote recruitment – especially in the advertising industry. This story looks at how the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the sourcing and hiring of ad talent via Twitter. Featuring insights from Matthew Kobach, one of my favourite tweeters, it’s useful food for thought if you’re considering a career move.

🎙️ How a Malaysian Immigrant in Idaho Became a Podcasting Guru (Medium)

In 2014, Nick Quah noticed that nobody was writing about the rise of podcasting, so he started a newsletter. Since then, Quah has built a six-figure digital publishing business and become a go-to expert on all things podcasting, quoted everywhere from the NY Times to the Wall Street Journal. This story explores how he did it.

💡 Call for MozFest Session Proposals (Mozilla Foundation)

MozFest, the annual festival from the creators of Firefox, has – rather unsurprisingly – gone virtual this year. There’s currently an open call for proposals of social moments, discussions, skill shares and workshops around themes like technology, sustainability and activism. The application window closes on November 24th.

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